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MAN V 52/55 P.Rings Chrome New
MAN 20/27 Nozzles New
MAN L 28/32 H Cyl. head Recon
Cyl.Liner New
Bearings New
C.Rod Recon
Piston Recon
MAN KZ52/90N Nozzle 055 x 13 x 72R Cooling New
MAN 40/54 Cyl. heads. Second Hand
(Mark 4 & 5) Inlet & Exh. V/V Cage Second Hand
Inlet Valves Spindles Second Hand
Piston Second Hand
Liner Second Hand
Exh.Valve Spindles Second Hand
Fuel Pump Second Hand
MAN KZ 60/105E Seal Rings New
Valve Plates New
MAN KZ 57/80 Cyl.Covers. New
MAN RV 17.5/22 Bearings Main & Thrust New
MAN RV 16/18 TLS CR / Main Bearings New
Cyl.heads / Liner / Piston / C.Rods. Second Hand
Plunger New
MAN KZ70/120E Fuel Pump Second Hand
(DMR & Kawasaki) Cyl.Head Compl Recon & Second Hand
Piston Skirt Second Hand
Piston Crown / Rod Second Hand
Guide Ring Second Hand
Fuel Cam & Roller New
Scavenge Valve New & Second Hand
Bearings New
Liner Upper Part Second Hand
Liner Lower Part New
Indicator Cock / Lubricator New
Nozzles (Needle and Guide) New
Turning Gear Complete with Motor Second Hand
Cyl.Block Second Hand
MAN KZ 78/155 E Cyl. head Lower Part. Second Hand
Piston Skirt. Second Hand
Cyl.Liner ( Monoblock) Second Hand
MAN KSZ 78/155A Piston crown Second Hand
Lower Part Cyl.Liner New
Skirt Second Hand
Guide Ring Second Hand
P.Rings New
Bearing New
Plunger New
Delivery Valve New
Scrapper / Sealing Ring New
MAN KSZ 70/125 & A Piston crown  & Skirt Recon / Second Hand
MAN K7SZ 70/125 BL Cyl.Heads Recon / Second Hand
Piston Rod Second Hand
Fuel Injector Pipes New
Fuel Pumps Second Hand
Various O Rings, Gaskets, Glands. New
Plungers New
Delivery Valves New
Governor Recon
Turning Gear – 5 Cyl Engine Second Hand
MAN KSZ70/150CL Piston Skirt & Rod Recon
Piston Rings New
Plunger New
Scrapper Rings New
Telescopic Pipes New
Various Small Parts / Air Starting Valve / Nozzle New